Precision Machine Partners, Inc. is an American manufacturing company and parent company of Waples Manufacturing, Inc. and Parallel Ventures, Inc.


PMP is an operating holding company focused on acquiring small to medium sized companies ($2-7M Revenue) in the precision machining and (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) MRO distribution space. Although we take a private equity approach to investing, in that we pay a fair market price for the business as it is, we are unique in that we can recognize operating potential and other synergies to provide smaller operators a better value. In essence we are able to share the benefits from our significant financial and operational resources. Our goal is simple – to provide long term value through the financial and operational experience we bring to the business. Specifically, we can provide synergy in production planning, order scheduling, target marketing, sourcing, MRP, and control systems. We integrate our own experience and skill with that of the acquired company through a fundamental improvement process designed to optimize return on invested capital.


Our ideal acquisition target is an owner operated and/or family run business in the precision machining and MRO distribution space, who are looking to transition out of the business or looking to reduce the burden of administrative tasks. We are interested in companies that sell into these sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Energy

We look for growth potential in the top line and strong work ethics within the rank and file. We look for businesses that have similarities to our existing holdings such as raw materials and scheduling processes, and that have customers with untapped potential for expansion.

In addition, we like to partner with SBIC’s who have invested in businesses (that we target) that are now under-performing. We feel partnering with us is a good alternative to selling “as-is” or orchestrating a stand-alone turnaround.


We provide marketing, operational, and financial leadership to the management of our companies. We minimize overhead costs by centralizing production planning, order scheduling, purchasing, marketing and administration. We create value through strategic planning and technology deployment. We believe that technology is an enabler. In companies we acquire, we look for the potential to better deploy technology. State-of-the-art machining creates the ability to machine complex shapes within a single set up while also increasing productivity and lowering costs per part. This reduced “manual” handling increases the consistency of quality in an exponentially higher speed production environment. Lower costs at better quality is our recipe for growth.


Currently, within PMP holdings, our CNC Machine Centers comprise the latest technology in CNC Lathes, Mills, and Mill Turn equipment. Our smart technology and skilled machinist ensure that the parts we make come off the machine ready to assemble with little to no secondary work.